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Higher education: Doctor Docent in Virology. Elementary School: Seven classes in the village where I was born and School No.1 in the city of Balti. STUDIES: Faculty of Sciences of Moldova, State Pedagogical Institute Tiraspolol city, no diploma. 077,321 issued on 30.06.1967. Post-graduate course of study: Academy of Sciences, the title of "Doctor of Sciences" was confirmed by the Faculty of Biology of the University "M. Lomonosov" in Moscow city, no diploma. 015,791 issued on 16/07/1972; Thesis: "Studies of microscopic pores and submicroscopice plasmadesmelor parenchymal cells and juicy." Degrees or diplomas: - PI - professor, biology; - I. of Biology, University of M. Lomonosov, Moscow - doctor; - Institute of Virology Ivanovschi - PhD lecturer. Scientific title: Ph.D. lecturer in virology. DOCTUS: Working Paper PhD (doctor habilitate) was held at the Institute of Virology "Ivanovschii D." Medical Academy of Moscow. PhD thesis: "Biology of cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus baculovirus and". No. Diploma 011 597 issued on 12.20.1991 (Protocol. 19g/17). SPECIALIZATION: - In the years 1977 - 1979 of Pathology at the resort of Saint Comparatiaà Cristol - les - especially in France; - In 1988 in Quebec invertebrate pathology laboratory; - Institute of Molecular Biology, Novosibirsc (Russia); - Institute of Virology of the Medical Academy in Moscow.

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